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Around the Corner

There are many things you can find just around the corner. This website focuses on the term "around the corner" or "round the corner" and many serious, funny or therwise interesting things, persons and facts in it's surroundings and neighbourhood. Where do you find it in literature, what can literally be found round the corner, how to find a hairdresser nearby and ... other web sites, that target this term.

On this web site "around the corner" means two different things:

  1. (stuff) not far away; nearby things, shops, services, web sites - this is the bussiness part
  2. thinking a little bit around the corner instead of linearly - this is the fun part
We'll concentrate on these two meanings, more may be introduced later.
This means, that from time to time you will find some new ideas, new interesting or helpful web sites or thoughts about anything.

Today, there are some new web sites around the corner, i.e. we are going to let you know about new web sites today. For the moment, we selfishly announce websites we are working on or just started to work on (some of them in a very early stage, and all of them are German-only):

German Version

"Around the corner" may be translated to the German term "Um die Ecke". So there is a german web page named with similar content in German.

Other prominent use of "around the corner"

Of course, there are many pubs, restaurants, book shops and in general bussinesses named "Around The Corner". That's no surprise - people love it to have everything just round the corner.

There is a football term "round the corner kicking", did you know?

There is a film Heaven Is Round the Corner

There is a song called "Help Is Round The Corner" by Coldplay

There is another song, this one is called "Look Arond The Corner", and you can find it on this website.

"Just around the corner" - a book by Shirley Temple

"Round the corner" happens to be found in "The Lamplighter" a novel written by Maria Susanna Cummins in 1854, proving that "round the corner" was used 160 years ago just as it is today:

The child made no answer, but gliding off the door-step, ran quickly round the corner of the house, and hid a little out of sight.

"God sees around the corners" (found on Facebook)

There is another use of "round the corner" found at DLTK's Crafts for Kids

... they came round the corner to look for a friend ...

You'll find it over there near to you: just round the corner